ASU Sundevil Division I Hockey

Our captain sure has been getting a lot of great reviews recently! Check out this article telling the captain’s story. ASU hockey is on the road to success this season, and they are definitely being led by a great man.

Number TWO!!!!!!!!

Check out the write-up of the first series of the season against the University of Arizona Wildcats on Ice!

This season’s first Hell Frozen Over!!!

Don’t forget to head to Oceanside Ice Arena tomorrow night, September 28th, and Saturday September 29th, for some Devil Ice Hockey against UofA!!!!

Post - Game recap, as well as links to all the current videos and updates for next week’s games against the ASU rivals down south, the University of Arizona Wildcats!

Don’t forget you can buy your tickets for all games online at, right up until game day! You can also purchase season passes, a phenomenal deal, online.

Are you interested in showing your support for the Sun Devil hockey team? Don’t know where to buy stuff for the Devils that own the ice? Check out this link to grab a few shirts and maybe even a jersey to show off your favorite team!